I would like to take a moment and talk about the outrageous amounts of identity theft and scams that are occurring right now.

I have personally received calls from scammers telling me they are the IRS and they are calling to ‘help’ me before I’m arrested for tax fraud.  What?!!!

I have received emails saying my account was going to suspended if I didn’t ‘click’ on their link and ‘verify’ myself.

While writing this, I received a phone call from someone claiming to be Google stating that if I did not verify my business listing, my business would be removed and deleted from Google as closed company.........UGH!  It's never ending!

Sadly…..or luckily, I am a very suspicious person, and I didn’t play into their games.  Even though it would bring me ultimate happiness to become a millionaire just because I have the same last name as someone else in another country that I’ve never heard of and they want to will their fortune to me on their death bed.  (Yes, said sarcastically……HAHAHA!!)

Identity theft has become so bad that I can no longer call to make reservations for my family at certain companies because our bank card information has been stolen numerous times (until we discovered the common denominator.)

The point is – BE CAREFUL!  BE CAUTIOUS!!  Never give someone your birth date, social security number, bank account number, or debit/credit card number over the phone OR through email.

For a phone call:

Ask them questions.  Ask for their name.  Ask for their employee ID number.  Ask for the phone number to the business.  Ask them about what they claim you owe.  Then tell them you will call back and speak to someone else.  Tell them you are going to verify their ID and claim.

Don’t feel like you’re being rude doing this.  It is YOUR identity, it is YOUR credit, it is YOURhard earned money, it is YOUR life that these horribly bad people are after!  So if you need to verify their information by someone else – do it!

For an email:

Read the email a couple of times to make sure you understand what you are being asked for.  Don’t just start ‘clicking’ on links.  I’ve told my kids for years to stop clicking on everything they saw on the computer.  The computer tech loved our family when the kids were younger because of all the viruses the tech got to clean off the computers.

Look at the email address that sent you the email.  Do you recognize it?  Even if it does look legitimate, close the email and go straight to the legitimate website and log into your account there.  You can even copy and paste or forward the email to customer support of the business to verify the email.

It saddens me to hear someone has thousands of dollars stolen from them by a scammer.  A little bit of vigilance and caution has never hurt anyone.  It could be the difference between being able to pay your bills today and being bankrupt tomorrow by scammers.

~~We keep what we have only with vigilance~~