You’ve had a tenant renting your property and they have been paying on time every month until now.  To make matters more frustrating, they are not returning your calls.  You have no idea what to do, you don’t live close (maybe even out of state) but you do know that they can be evicted for not paying the rent.  What do you do to get that started?

Before you can begin the eviction process, you will need to deliver a 3 Day Notice to Pay of Quit.  You can Google this form and find it online.  On this form you will need to fill out the tenant’s name.  You want to make sure you list all tenant names and also make sure the names are all spelled correctly.  You will state the county the property is located, the month of rent that is due and the amount of the past due rent.  You will also need to determine the due date.

The due date is determined by how the 3 Day Notice is delivered.  If the notice is personally delivered to the tenant or the property, the rent would be due 3 business days later. Make sure not to count weekends or federal holidays. 

If you mail the notice, the countdown should not begin until the date the tenant receives the notice.  You then have to allow an additional 5 days for the tenant to mail the rent to you.

Once the allowed time has expired, then you can contact your eviction attorney to begin the eviction process. 

Anchor Real Estate & Property Management are not attorneys and this is not considered to be legal advice.  Always contact your Florida eviction attorney for legal advice.  

Anchor Real Estate & Property Management however is your ‘Anchor’ to a successfully managed rental property.

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